BenQ Ideacam S1 Pro& Ideacam S1 plus [detailed review]

The idea came is a webcam and document camera combination that BenQ ideacam S1 pro, a top supplier of cutting-edge display solutions, recently launched to meet the needs of creative individuals who need excellent video calling and presentation options.

To tap into creativity, especially in a WFH setup, specialized cameras with different shooting modes and excellent video quality are needed.

While the value of a good desktop web camera for online conferences is apparent to all, creative professionals need a special desktop web camera that fits their needs. Builders and creators have to display their skills in ways that aren’t appropriate for static cameras.

Fortunately, the BenQ Ideacam is now accessible and offers a variety of unique features that allow users to show off their creativity with this simple yet efficient dual-mode desktop webcam.

The two versions in the Ideacam series—the Ideacam S1 Pro and Ideacam S1 Plus—are designed to offer outstanding performance and adaptability in a single device.

BenQ Ideacam S1 Pro specification

The ideacam series is a great option for individuals who are interested in high-quality video conferencing and presentation solutions, says Mr. Rajeev Singh, the managing director of BenQ South Asia.

Because they have been designed to offer outstanding image quality, performance, and flexibility, the Ideacam S1 Pro and S1 Plus are ideal for remote work, distance learning, and item filming.

BenQ Ideacam S1 Pro, Ideacam S1 plus specification

BenQ Ideacam S1 Pro,
BenQ Ideacam S1 Pro, Ideacam S1 plus specification

The Ideacam S1 series includes a 15X macro lens that can zoom in and give comprehensive images of any surface or material. with a resolution of up to 3264x2448p.

These webcams have built-in ring lights that can be used to brighten the scene in low-light situations. The BenQ Ideacam is a highly high-end dual-mode camera with an 8MP Sony sensor and a maximum resolution of 3264x2488p.

Ideacam provides almost 4K clarity, that’s almost four times more apparent than 1080P, at the specially designed 4:3 aspect ratio for the best filming of desktops and objects. Close-up shots may reveal incredible details on any layer or substance using a 15X macro lens. Dark surfaces are readily illuminated, and information are brought out with established ring lights.

Professional designers might film objects and indicate papers with the aid of an idea came. The Ideacam offers all the features needed by professional designers thanks to a built-in noise-cancelling microphone.

The high-end BenQ Enspire software, designed to help users get the most out of the IdeaCam, is another crucial component. It is a visual presentation and communication tool that permits the employee to merely display brochures, items, and photos.

Makers may move objects and papers to life by using capabilities like picture freeze, zoom, live explanation, and dimension display.

EnSpire complements existing online messaging platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet by distributing the screen or window. Additionally, the EnSpire Control Puck, a dedicated remote control that comes with the Ideacam S1 Pro, makes it straightforward and quick for experienced creators to use multiple capabilities, including resizing, altering, and muting.

This simple technique, which was designed to work with the EnSpire program, will lead you to the resulting level. Complex border problems are unneeded, and the Control Uses BenQ EnSpire to carry inbuilt control for synchronized performances and infrastructures by putting things together.

BenQ Ideacam S1 Pro, Ideacam S1 plus price in india

The novel BenQ Ideacam S1 Pro is priced at INR 19,990, whereas the Ideacam S1 Plus is priced at INR 17,990.

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