Gopro hero 9! A Legend action camera.

Although the GoPro Hero 9 Black is the most powerful and versatile action camera accessible, its predecessor remains more affordable for the majority of customers. While the front display and more sensors are beneficial characteristics, the upgrades don’t far exceed the Hero 8 Black as a whole. Even if an update to the software is on the way, its slightly unresponsive touchscreen is also somewhat annoying. While all of the other actions are capable of matching the Hero 9 Black’s skill set, there are currently better options overall.

Gopro hero 9

Gopro hero 9

go pro hero 9
  • 23.6MP sensor
  • 1720mAh battery
  • Waterproof to 33ft


  • 5K video provides more detail; vlogging is made easier with the front display; battery life is extended; and new software tricks


  • No 4K/120p option; unresponsive touchscreen; not much progress has been made with 4K filming; -HEVC files require

The Hero 9 Black and the Hero 8 Black differ physically, but there are numerous similarities. It’s significantly bigger in every way at 71x55x33.6 mm and weighs 158g, yet it’s not obese. That’s mostly because the Hero 9 Black has two new displays installed.

It’s an easy improvement on the back with a larger 2.27-inch display. That is somewhat bigger than the Akaso Brave 7 LE, slightly smaller than the DJI Osmo Action, but 16% larger than the Hero8 Black. This touchscreen is not as responsive to touch as it could possibly be, but it is sufficiently visible in all but the brightest of lighting situations.

Gopro Design and Screen

Gopro Design and Screen

The biggest increase is located on the front, where a 1.4-inch built-in display is located. The largest improvement is located on the front, where a 1.4-inch integrated display—which is somewhat smaller than that of the Akaso Brave 7 LE but identical in size to the DJI Osmo Action—can be used as a live preview screen for framing a selfie or another item for the camera.

More easily, you can decide between the “actual” format, which shows it as a widescreen image with black bars above and below, and the “full screen” style, which is perfect if all that you want to do is make sure you’re in the center of the frame when viewing a movie or image.

Furthermore, the front screen can be customized to “status only” to show the current mode, resolution, and battery life, much like the Hero8 Black, or even rendered completely inactive.

The detachable glass lens protector is back, making it the second new feature. Besides enabling the use of third-party ND filters, this also implies that starting in October, it will be compatible with the GoPro Max Lens Mod connection (more on that soon).

The Hero 9 Black buttons are easier to press without gloves on as they are slightly larger and jut out more. As always, this GoPro is waterproof up to 33 feet/10 meters, and the Hero8 Black’s folding mounting fingers remain on the undercarriage.

In the end, the Hero9 Black comes in a soft travel case instead of an awfully thick transparent plastic covering. Just in time, too.

GoPro Hero 9 megapixel & quality

Hero9 Black can record video at 5K quality at 30 frames per second (fps) at 100Mbps due to the 23.6 MP sensor. That means that if efficiency and smoothness are your top concerns, the 4K 60fps might be a superior option due to its high capacity usage. The general resolution upgrade additionally suggests that 720p will not be used. The types of fake lenses are Super View (16mm), wide (16–34mm), linear (19–39mm), and narrow (27mm).

Hyper smooth 3.0, which offers intelligently stabilized video across all resolutions with a “boost” function as well, is a must-have feature even with the arrival of 5K.

Though a new HDR night-lapse of the night sky spanning an hour appears rather outstanding, low-light footage in “night mode” is far less amazing and somewhat noisy. A recently introduced function called “scheduled capture” enables you to take video or, more likely, time-lapses at a present moment.

You could, for example, program your Hero9 Black to capture the Northern Lights for you as you go to bed in Iceland. You might even program it to capture a sunrise while you sleep in. In addition, you may set it to record for up to an hour before turning it off on its own.

We like the time Warp 3.0 establishment on action cameras because, in actuality, time-lapses tend to be the most effective option. TimeWarp 3.0 is best suited for long-distance activities like trekking, but it can additionally be used for skiing and cycling. It produces fast-slow-fast video by speeding up the footage, subsequently slowing it down to real-time before speeding it up again. It’s dubbed “speed ramp,” and it now has sound and a slo-mo option.

Gopro hero 9 video quality

The Hero9 Black also includes a 30-second video looping buffer, which is helpful in shooting situations when the surprise is crucial and prevents the video from getting lost. In practical terms, this will save you from having to save countless little films that you’ll later have to erase.

Given the WFH pattern, it should come as little surprise that the Hero9 Black serves as a 1080p widescreen webcam. Although we were unable to install and begin the GoPro Webcam software on a Mac, Windows users need the BETA version. Mac users need to have the GoPro Webcam app.

The Hero9 Black additionally functions as a streaming camera, enabling users to live-stream 1080p video to Facebook Pages, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook profiles. It even serves Even with Hyper Smooth 3.0 switched on, it works.

Some users entirely disregard action cameras as photographing machinery, but the Hero9 Black has the potential to alter that. This is partly due to the Hero9 Black’s capability to take 20MP pictures, much like the Akaso Brave 7 Edition.

It offers fixed narrow mode (27mm), wide (16–34mm), and linear (19–39mm) lens modes featuring 2x digital zoom decisions, and a delay shutter option for 3s and 10s for all of these. In addition, there are 3 modes: LiveBurst (motion shots), Burst (25 pictures per second), and Night Photo. The latter is quite good and far superior to the Hero9 Black’s low-light video adventures.

The Hero9 Black supports RAW besides HDR and SuperPhoto, the latter of which records excellent dynamic range while taking SuperPhoto, and pictures with HDR call for waiting a few seconds for processing. Modifications may be performed in manual mode up to an ISO of 6400 and a shutter speed of 30 seconds.

All of that out of the way, the Hero9 Black’s new “save frame” feature—which enables you to save a 14.7MP still image to your phone using just one button—may be more important than everything else. This means that you may ignore pictures for now and focus exclusively on video.

Battery of Gopro hero 9

Battery of Gopro hero 9

The battery for the GoPro Hero9 Black doesn’t look like those found on earlier versions. It is a third more powerful than previous models, rated at 1,720 mAh, as well as being physically bigger. While it isn’t backward compatible with earlier GoPro models—you were unable to possibly fit it inside the compartment of one—we’re not too concerned about it because it can now run two screens and an additional sensor.

GoPro also says that the larger battery improves performance in colder weather, although testing that in September proved challenging.

GoPro estimates the Hero9 Black’s battery life at 101 minutes, whereas shooting in 1080p The Hero9 Black operated at 5K for 90 minutes in our test; however, it took up a 64GB microSD card completely and got quite hot. The camera’s charge seldom submerged below 50% all through many 4-hour periods during which it was used frequently to take brief videos, snap many images, and capture a good number of time lapses. In any case, relative to other action cameras, this one has a lot of endurance, and its USB-C connection lets you use it both with a computer and a battery.

Extracting the microSD card using the GoPro app or desktop software is the sole method available to get photos of the Hero9 Black. The extraction of the microSD card, the use of the GoPro app, or desktop software are the only ways to get pictures of the Hero9 Black.

Although the latter is quite basic, the software is user-friendly, dependable, and entertaining. With action cameras, that is rather uncommon.

The Bluetooth-initiated WiFi Direct link between the devices establishes and maintains a connection quickly, allowing transfers to a phone. You may edit films using the app on your phone and transfer everything to the GoPro Plus cloud backup service, which is an additional cost. That’s a comfort because errors and ghost presses frequently occur on the touchscreen, making it less responsive than it might be.

Reviews of the Gopro Hero 9 Black

Reviews of the Gopro Hero 9 Black

The greatest GoPro ever is the Hero 9 Black. Of course, it is. A larger sensor and enhanced picture capability allow for greater resolutions and more detailed still images from films. In well-lit settings, steady, crisp, and clean video is guaranteed. Though the Hero9 Black’s greater dimensions are a bit unsettling, it is still pocket-sized, and the addition of a larger back screen and a front screen for vlogging and selfies makes the additional millimetres valuable. That might not hold true for the soon-to-be Max Lens Mod attachment.

The hardware isn’t really the primary objective of the Hero 9 Black. The Time Warp 3.0 choice and picture stabilization capabilities of the excellent in-camera software are remarkable. The icing on top is the smartphone app, which makes it possible for an effortless.

connection to the Hero9 Black and then begins basic editing, file transfer, control, and settings changes.

That’s essential since, despite being bigger in size, the Hero9 Black’s touchscreen isn’t as quick as it might be and can be hard to use. Your own goals as a filmmaker will determine if GoPro’s most recent flagship is worth the additional money, but even with a few setbacks, it’s obvious that the Hero 9 Black has once again taken the top spot for action cameras. It’s amazing, simple to use, and a lot of fun.

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