Canon Unveils C400: Redefining Professional Filmmaking Standards

The EOS C400, a brand-new 6K full frame RF mount film camera with three base ISOs, was announced by Canon. Featuring internal recording features in 6K at up to 60p in Cinema RAW Lite and 4K at up to 120p in XF-AVC 4:2:2 10-Bit, XF-AVC S 4:2:2 10-Bit. or XF-HEVC S 4:2:2 10-Bit, the C400 looks to be a smaller version of the canon C500. The Canon C400 weighs 1.55 kg (3.41 lb).

this is quite exciting this is the new Canon c400. A brand-new EOS cinema camera with an RF mount and a full-frame sensor. There’s a lot to be excited about here now; I’ve not had this for very long. So, we’re profitable to do a nice primary look at what’s stimulating about this camera, but I am hopeful to get it back confidently.

This year, to be able to do a full hands-on review and really shoot some stuff with it, I really got into it, but that said, there’s still quiet. There is a lot to be excited about with this camera. if you are in the space of using something like a C300 or c500.

 This is exciting because number one, like I said, is RF Mount. Right, that gives you a lot of scope for the kinds of lenses that you’re going to be using. Those lenses are typically lighter, so you’ve got some beautiful image quality. there’s a lot of Versatility in the way you can shoot and that’s a big theme of the c400 There is a lot of versatility with this camera, at least from my point of view.

Primary features of the EOS C400

  • 6K to 60p
  • 6K full-frame stacked CMOS sensor with back illumination and a DIGI DV 7 image processor
  • 16 DR stops (claimed)
  • Four Standard ISO Parameters
  • Five-axis stabilization of sensors
  • Cinema RAW Lite (Recorded Internally)
  • H.265 XF-HEVC S and H.264 XF-AVC S
  • XAVC Prolonged GOP
  • 2:1:2. 10-bit 4K 120p and 4.3K 100p (sensor crops for S35)
  • RF mount (An adapter from RF to PL is also available)
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF II through Face Detection AF and Touch AF
  • Clear, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 stop—8 and 10 with extensions—are internal ND filters.
  • Double Mini XLR 12G-SDI and 3G-SDI
  • One Type B CF Express slot
  • One SD card slot
  • Ready for virtual production

 Then there may have been previous cinema cameras of this level, right? I feel like with this camera I can shoot in lots of different ways. I’m not just kind of pigeonholed into certain ways of shooting; I can run a gun by myself much more comfortably.

Canon c400 Triple ISO and a BSI sensor

Canon c400 Triple ISO and a BSI sensor

Now inside we’ve got a 6K full-frame BSI sensors that’s full frame. which I reason is exciting and special by himself. I think that’s great to see on a camera like this that’s 16 stops of dynamic range faster sensor readout better rolling shutter performance as well.

 We see just general improvements across the board; I also think full frame. I think that’s great; you can get slightly better image quality. You can get things like slightly better light gathering. I think it’s genuinely great to see we’ve also got dual-pixel cmos AF2 . in here, which gives us improved.

The camera sets a new benchmark through its Canon triple-base ISO technology, intended to deliver the clearest optical results and the greatest efficiency in conditions of low light.

In challenging circumstances with lighting, users have more choices thanks to the base ISO values of 800, 3,200, and 12,800 when shooting in Canon Log 2 or 3.

A computerized switching mode improves the user experience by sensing ambient lighting and changing the fundamental ISO setting to make shooting that much easier.

Canon C400 Autofocus System

Canon C400 Autofocus System
Canon C400 Autofocus System

autofocus performance in people and animal subject detection. We’ve got eye-face head tracking, so it’s a great way to use the autofocus, and again, this just adds that versatility.

especially for someone like me who shoots completely by myself. I’ll be very comfortable either handholding this on a tripod or doing things like interviews.

 I’m going to get very high-quality stuff, but then I can do promo videos. I can do so much with a camera like this, and there are also loads of ways to actually, shoot as you would expect of course but things like 6K, 60p, and 4K that’s oversampled up to 120 frames a second, that’s 422 10 bits.

 We could do 6K raw; we’ve got frame-by-frame metadata and higher audio bit rates, so 16-bit to 24-bit; we’ve got the new manual and auto base ISO modes; and, as I mentioned before.

Canon c400 image stabilization

 We’ve got image stabilization. So, we’ve got digital image stabilization in the camera. which then works in tandem with the optical image stabilization of the lens that you have on the front to give you a smoother image. handheld now is something I do like about cameras like this.

Canon c400 Design

Canon c400 Design

Generally speaking, I find it easier.  especially with this lovely hand grip on the side to get smooth shots because the whole system is just a little bit bigger. You know, then, a classic kind of mirrorless camera.

Right, it’s a little bit bigger. Maybe there’s a little bit more weight to it. You have a monitor on the top I just find it a little bit easier, especially if you may have a handle on top to get those slightly smoother handheld shots, because I just think your movements are just a little bit smoother because of that weight and size, of course.

 You can just pop this on a gimbal on a tripod or a slider on a drone, even if there’s a lot that you. could do with this camera, and of course, in terms of connectivity, you’re going to be right at home. if you’ve used any of these cinema cameras before, but we also see things like an Ethernet port. We’ve got tally lamps on the camera; there’s just a lot to look at here.

PL to RF Mount Conversion

PL to RF Mount Conversion

In addition, Canon presents the newly developed MOUNT ADAPTER PL-RF. The EOS C400 camera may now use an extensive range of PL mount lenses thanks to this adapter.

The adapter features locking plates to aid in achieving optimal mount strength and maintenance.

The camera and lens are functional using Cooke I/Technology metadata transfer. To figure out more about Canon’s range of cinema solutions and these fresh arrivals.

Canon C400 price in India approximate

The approximate retail price of the Canon Cinema EOS C400 Full-Frame RF Mount Camera is 668,428.94 Indian Rupees.

which is planned to be on sale in September 2024. October 2024 will mark the debut of the CINE-SERVO 17-120mm, with an estimated retail price of 1,992,936.63 Indian rupees.

The anticipated retail price of the MOUNT ADAPTER PL-RF, if it is available in September of 2024, is 133,617.71 Indian Rupees.


You know, on the one hand, you’re going to be right at home, right? If you’re coming from the canon  C300, the canon C500, or even something like the Canon C200, you’re going to be right at home jumping onto the Canon C400. 

if it’s your first cinema camera and you’re coming from a mirrorless camera.

I think you’re actually, going to feel very at home here as well, because there’s a lot now that’s carried over from those cameras. You know, great autofocus image stabilization.

 full frame sensor There’s a ratio that you’re used to but on the other hand, there’s a lot that’s original to this camera There’s a ratio that feels like a nice upgrade, and as a cinema camera,

This does sound like a new group of that for Canon, you see. I think it’s great to see. I cannot wait. To be honest with you, I cannot wait to really test this out to really get some time with it and get hands-on properly.

Out and about in the studio. just trying out lots of different stuff and putting something together, I think that’d be so oh, I cannot wait now you can check out the full specs and everything.

that you want to know the pricing everything by checking out the link down in the description. I’ll pop that all down there for you so you can go check it all out. Otherwise, don’t forget to like and comment, cuz there’s new content. all the time, I will see you in the next video, but until then, and as always thanks for watching.

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