Canon eos r3 most detailed review

The Canon eos r3 is Canon’s most advanced mirrorless camera yet. that is specifically engineered for mission-critical performance at the highest-level professional sports, wildlife, and fashion photographers will be chomping at the bit to take advantage of the Canon EOS r3’s incredible feature set.

 That includes a completely new autofocus system with eye control af 30 frames per second burst capture modes and 6k raw video capture just to name a few. we also have two new RF lenses to talk about today. first, we have a very affordably priced telephoto zoom the rf 100 to 400-millimetre f5.6 to f8 is usm, and a fantastic wide-angle lens the rf 16-millimeter f 2.8 stm. That is a non-fisheye and offers full-frame coverage but a little more on those at the end of the video.

  • Best Value

    Canon EOS R

    Canon eos r3
    • Canon
    • JPEG, Raw, HEIF
    • CMOS
    • 3.5 millimeter


  • Excellent subject recognition and intelligent autofocus
  • Raw 14-bit imagery at 30 frames per second
  • oversized HDR viewfinder with simulated OVF
  • UHS-II SD memory and CFexpress are supported.
  • Many possibilities for both wired and wireless connection
  • Beautifully sized, gripping body handles
  • 4K120 video mode and 6K60 raw mode


  • Eye Control concentration isn’t enchanted
  • stingy support for USB-C charging

Canon eos R3 camera photo specification

The Canon eos r3 speed and performance are based on the new 24.1-megapixel backside illuminated stacked CMOS sensor. That canon says features extremely low rolling shutter distortion. that’s especially important here since the camera places a huge emphasis on its electronic shutter. you can shoot in burst mode up to 30 frames per. second with the electronic shutter, all while maintaining full autofocus and auto exposure.

 Specifications of the Canon EOS R3

  • Measurements: 5.6 by 5.9 by 3.4 inches;
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds Mirrorless type
canon eos r3 image
canon eos r3 image

It is ideal for high-speed capture this is what 30 frames per second sounds like. autofocus is one of the most powerful aspects of the Canon EOS r3 and we’ll touch.

canon eos r3 image 4

that in just a bit now on the surface you’ll notice an integrated design bringing the Canon EOS r3 in line with Canon’s other pro-grade bodies. such as the Canon 1dx mark iii providing additional battery storage and vertical grip orientation. the camera’s in-body image stabilizer can provide up to an unbelievable eight stops of stabilization. when paired with the proper Canon is lenses and combined with features such as a shutter with 600 steps of adjustment to counter flicker from almost any light source.

 It’s an incredibly capable camera when it comes to sports settings in particular. The autofocus system of the canon eos r3 is designed for speed and accuracy with a few features added in that make subject selection and tracking easier. More than ever built around the tried and true dual-pixel autofocus human and animal detection af is back but Canons also added a new vehicle detection mode that can isolate cars motorcycles and dirt bikes. If you shoot races or any kind of motor sports this is a must-have feature.

 When it comes to af tracking the Canon EOS r3 is incredibly fast and accurate able to keep up with subjects thanks to its ultra-fast processing three two one goes wow.

The Canon eos r3 performs af readings 60 times per second with an electronic shutter provided your shutter speed is 1 over 125th or faster. Now traditionally subject tracking requires that the user pick the initial tracking point.

 here the Canon eos r3 can now automatically determine the initial subject and track it. even if your AF point is dead center okay. so, I want to show you a real-time example of the autofocus system. Here in the Canon eos R3. so right now, I have a single-point autofocus and I have it set to the center I’m going to have to enter the frame.

How it actually, grabs and recognizes his face and tracks him regardless of the center point single point af being in the middle of the frame. So, I am going ahead and entering please immediately grab him right there I can see that I have pressed the shutter. It turns into a blue square.

That’s how I know the camera knows that this is what it’s focusing on and i press the shutter boom. this frees you up to take super quick critical shots and ensure accurate af tracking at a moment’s notice.

The second big addition here is the revival of Canon’s eye control af. It’s exactly like it sounds when you put your eye up to the evf. The camera tracks your eye and determines what you want to focus on. In case you’re wondering How this works the camera only uses your eyesight for the initial focus point and stays there.

so, you don’t need to worry about letting your eye wander to check composition or any other details. It does require you to calibrate the Canon eos R3 to the user’s eye and the camera can store up to six calibrations. That blazing fast autofocus isn’t just useful in its own right the Canon EOS r3 can capture a continuous 30 frames per second using its electronic shutter.

 what’s better it does so with full autofocus and exposure and yes that’s even when shooting in 14-bit raw images sports and event-type shooters are going to love this. As it makes it almost impossible to miss key moments the buffer on the Canon EOS r3 is pretty generous.

 If you do shoot in the full 30 frames per second raw mode you can get about 150 consecutive frames. If you switch over to jpeg you can shoot over a thousand frames consecutively. now if you use the mechanical shutter or the first curtain electronic shutter you drop down to 12 frames per second burst speed.  It can hit a thousand consecutive raw frames.

Canon eos r3 video specification

The video on the Canon EOS R3 is simply beautiful. You got a ton of 4k options here but the top of the list is the 12-bit – 6k raw video recorded Internally.

Canon eos r3 video specification

Raw video is as good as it gets and offers unparalleled image quality not to mention colour grading flexibility. for most uses though the camera’s 4k mp4 recording offers a lot in a much easier-to-edit format. for one all varieties of the 4k video on the Canon EOS r3 are oversampled from 6k except the 120p.

if you’ve used the Canon EOS r5’s HQ mode this is similar but it’s the default here 4k video can be shot up to 60 frames per second in both DCI and uhd resolutions.  there are not two but three codec varieties all i ipb and ipb light. which balances bitrate with playback performance.

 The mp4 modes shoot in either 8bit 420 and h.264 or 10-bit 422 and hevc interestingly the 10-bit mode is engaged by switching to either c-log 3 or hdr pq color profiles. This is a nice touch as it prevents accidentally shooting a log mode in 8-bit. Here’s a big one there are no recording limits whatsoever on the Canon EOS r3.

 the camera supports single files up to six hours long provided you can store them. It can also record simultaneously to both card slots though raw recording is only available. on the CF express slot, the HDMI port also supports 4k output for external recording Now we should look into heat management here recording 4k and 6k raw video is naturally going to produce a lot of heat but first things first at 4k 30p.

Even with all eye recording, there is no recording limit the Canon EOS r3 has an auto shutdown setting. That can be set to a standard temperature or a high temperature giving you some flexibility for how you want the camera to manage Its heat build-up the most demanding format 6k raw. can last about 25 minutes in the standard mode while the high-temperature mode gives you up to 60 minutes at 4k 60p. In all I high-temperature mode will give you 60 plus minutes.

Canon eos R3 Camera body & Accessories

Canon eos R3 Camera body & Accessories

If we look at the body of the Canon eos r3. It’s got a complete magnesium alloy design that’s weather-sealed for rugged outdoor use. The integrated grip provides an appropriately pro appearance but despite that, it’s relatively light.

 Its size at 1.6 pounds for the camera body the camera overall measures 5.9 by 5.6 by 4.3 you’ve got a dual card slot with cfxpress on one slot and sdxc on the other. Naturally, you’ll want cf xpress if you want the fastest shooting and recording rates.

 On the back side, the LCD screen is very angle making it the first pro-grade. Canon body features a very angled touch screen it’s also the highest resolution screen of theirs at 4.15 million dots. Meanwhile, the evf somehow manages to cram in 5.76 million dots. which provides you with a crystal-clear review.

On the side, you’ll see an ethernet port USB-C micro HDMI headphone jack and PC for flash. internally the camera also features wi-fi Bluetooth and GPS up top. you’ll find the new multi-function accessory shoe which has additional pins for both data and power canons It has a few accessories planned for this including a digital microphone. that’s powered through the shoe a smartphone link adapter and the site 10-speed lite transmitter. there will also be an adapter for the older ETTL lights that allows the camera to maintain its weather seal over the multi-function accessory shoe.

 wrapping up the body if we look at the grip the battery for the Canon EOS r3 is the lpe19. which is the same one found on the 1dx mark iii.

Canon eos r3 new RF lenses

Canon eos r3 new RF lenses

okay back to these two new RF lenses first up we have the rf 100 to 400-millimetre f 5.6 to f8 is USM lens which is the first affordably priced telephoto zoom in the RF system. it is very lightweight and compact given its zoom range. it weighs less than the EF 70 to 300 IS-2 lens. it has up to six stops coordinated with the Canon R5 & Canon R6 and the new Canon EOS r3 focusing down to the minimum focusing distance of 400 millimetres.

your max magnification will be 0.41 times and you can fill the frame with a subject the size of a credit card. the new usm motor is quick quiet and smooth which is perfect for video shooting it has the expected rf three ring operation including the control ring needless to say it would make a great addition to budding enthusiasts.

who are shooting with say the Canon EOS R or the Canon eos RP. who want to capture their kids’ soccer game or need a great travel companion for those far away landscapes or close-up details.

 The second lens is the super lightweight rf 16-millimeter f 2.8 stm lens that offers full-frame coverage it can focus down to less than eight inches. This kind of lens opens up the door to ultra-wide image making which is perfect for capturing dramatic landscapes or dramatic interior shots.

Also has a quiet and smooth STM focus motor and its non-fisheye, which makes it perfect for vlogging because you can fit your entire face in the frame without having to hold your arm at a full arm’s length.

Canon eos r3 Conclusion

so, canon was nice enough to lend a few Canon EOS r3s to some pro sports photographers to take to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics last month and they were completely blown away by the camera’s performance and image quality.

 after our testing today, I can see why this new backside-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor delivers the goods 30 frames per second burst mode fast and precise autofocus. eye control af up to eight stops of coordinated is and on top of that, you can still shoot 12-bit 6k raw video.

 I mean I need say more there is no moment or action that photographers and videographers cannot capture with Canon’s new mirrorless camera with canon eos r3. what do you think of the Canon eos r3 what would you capture with it let me know in the comments below.

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