Canon eos r1 is announced! here everything you need to know about

if you are a fan of Canon cameras, you might be wondering what the company has in store for its flagship mirrorless model. Here The camera accessories guide you about the rumor of Canon eos R1.

You are lucky because we have some details from a recent leak. that reveals some of the r1’s impressive specs let’s take a look at what could be the ultimate Canon mirrorless camera, the R1.

The Canon EOS R1 is set to be a game-changing mirrorless camera for professional photographers and videographers, with its just leaked specifications.

 This Powerhouse camera aims to deliver unmatched speed image quality and video capabilities as Canon’s flagship full-frame mirrorless camera.

Introducing of the Canon EOS R1

The EOS R1 ushers in the future of imaging technology. At the heart of the camera is a developed 30-megapixel stacked CMOS sensor. this dual-core Focus sensor utilizes an electronic rolling shutter and a lightning-fast read speed of under 1 millisecond. You can expect Ultra-precise autofocus and tracking abilities from this Innovative sensor technology.

 One of the most exciting features of the R1 is the pure electronic shutter capable of shooting at a blazing Fast Flash sync speed This leaves traditional mechanical shutters in the dust. Sports and action photographers will appreciate being able to freeze Motion in the blink of an eye.

 The R1 introduces Canon’s new C-Raw compression, while C-raw images are lower quality than uncompressed raw this lossy compression allows for unmatched continuous shooting speeds. photographers can machine gun shutter up to an incredible 60 frames per second.

when shooting in this C-raw format, full-quality burst shooting still clocks in at a staggering 40 frames per second even standard raw image quality yields continuous shooting up to 20 frames per second with no limit on burst length Having unlimited buffer length gives you unlimited creative freedom when that perfect moment happens.

main points made regarding the EOS R1:

  • Blends outstanding performance with a high level of durability and dependability.” 
  • “offers never-before-seen improvements in Auto Focus and other functions,” “improves the performance of both still images and video (in comparison to the EOS R3),” along “uses the new progressive image processor DIGIC Processor in adding to the pre-existing processor DIGIC X.” 
  • “Canon has proficient subject recognition at a high rate of speed and accuracy.” 
  •   Everything else is speculation at this point, but further characteristics we could see are as       follows: 
  • Phase detection autofocus using quad pixels that can identify both vertical and horizontal details Updated from the EOS R3 Ultra-high-speed continuous shooting with eye-control focus 4K 120p video capture. The greatest electronic viewfinder available from Canon 
  • quick wired and wireless communication for professional sports photographers

Canon R1 Specification:  Video specification: 

Canon R1 Specification:  Video specification: 

The R1 looks to blow previous Canon cameras like the EOS R5 and 1dx Mark II out of the water when it comes to continuous shooting performance those models top out at 20 frames per second and 16 frames per second, shooting at Double that frame rate. It opens up new creative possibilities to freeze split-second action that videographers are sure to love.

 What the R1 brings to the table too it supports 6.7k 60p and 4.2k 120p recording in 12bit cinema raw light. when shooting in a PSC crop mode no other Canon camera has been able to capture such high-resolution slow-motion footage.

In Canon eos R1 introduce Digic X processor:

In February 2020, the DIGIC X and the 1D X Mark III were introduced. It can process 4K pictures at up to 120 frames per second (or 30 frames per second on the EOS R5). Amongst the new improvements focused on speed and image quality are as follows: Better processing for noise reduction.

Memory card: 

 straight to the memory card before you can record crisp cinematic 4K video at up to 120 frames per second for smooth, gorgeous playback Having 12-bit Cinema raw light unlocks powerful flexibility.

White balance & Dynamic range: 

When colour grading footage, another standout leaked spec is the r1’s 240 frames per second burst mode for enhanced dynamic range. This uses an electronic shutter to capture 15 frames per second in continuous bursts from the camera. then composites these images to create photos with up to 16 stops of dynamic range. This gives you tons of ability to lift shadows and recover highlights in challenging, high-contrast scenes. 

One feature that wildlife and sports photographers will love is the eos R1’s pre-shooting capability. You can continuously buffer up to 1 second of images before fully depressing the shutter button. If you slightly miss the perfect moment, the camera has you covered by capturing the action just before you take the shot. Having that ability to effectively go back in time and not miss peak action is game-changing.

R1 focus specs: 

The EOS R1 brings dgot technology to the table with the ability to capture camera Focus stacked raw images. This produces photos with extremely wide depth of field perfect for macro shooting.

 The camera automatically blends multiple frames saving you tons of time that was previously spent focusing on stacking images manually. in post-production while specific details are still unconfirmed you can expect a durable, weather-sealed body designed for professionals who need a camera that can keep up with their active shooting lifestyle. 

R1 LCD & Viewfinder: 

With its high-resolution rear touchscreen LCD top-notch electronic viewfinder and strategically placed buttons and dials, the R1 should offer stellar handling as well. we can’t wait to get our hands on the EOS R1. See first-hand what this beast of a camera can do.



Pricing is not known as of yet, Canon EOS R1 Camera’s expected price in India starts from ₹1,99,999 (Expected Price) 

What is the anticipated release date for the Canon EOS R1 announcement and when will photographers have the opportunity to buy the camera? It would be smart for Canon to put out something in time for the 2024 Olympic sporting event in Paris, as it hadn’t been ready for the delayed Tokyo Olympics in August 2021. 

By this date, observers predict that this is going to be far more than just a product appearance and that the camera will be ready for worldwide use.


To further support the recording of unique and dramatic scenes at future global sporting events, Canon has begun field tests for this camera. 

To satisfy the demands of a broad audience and advance the field of video and photography culture, Canon will continue introducing interesting cameras and RF lenses to the EOS R SYSTEM portfolios in the future.

so that’s all about the rumored Canon R1 Do let us know what you think about this. As for everything else, don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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