Canon eos R, is it worth buying in 2024?

Hello, folks, guide you through a full review of the new Canon r It’s Canon’s first entry into the full-frame mirrorless market and it also represents their debut of the new RF lens mount.

In Canon R, you are getting the same picture and video quality as the 5D Mark IV. At a cost point that is similar to the 6D Mark II. in addition to a good dose of control from both cameras and the EOS M series. Sadly, even though the EOS R can produce images of great solutions, its aesthetics and handling are not on par, and its video abilities are far less sophisticated compared to those of its rivals. 

  • Best Value

    Canon EOS R

    Canon Eos R
    • Canon
    • 8.38 x 13.46 x 9.91 cm; 662.24
    • 128 GB
    • SDXC


  • Dual-pixel autofocus on a 30MP full-frame sensor and a 3.69 million dot OLED viewfinder 
  • Fully movable back LCD 
  • -6EV autofocus rating (with an F1.2 lens) 
  • Up to 8 frames per second (five with continuous autofocus and three in “tracking priority mode”). 
  • UHD 4K 30p footage captured with a 1.8x sensor crop  
  • Canon Log with 10-bit

canon r – Rf lens mount: 

canon r - Rf lens mount: 

This camera is about INR 2,74,980, so its competition is Nikon’s newly released Nikon z6 and the Sony A7 Mark III, which cost just under 167,000 INR. we brought the camera back to our studio for a full review and have already had a chance to take it out to two big-budget. In this review, I will talk about what I loved about the Canon EOS as well as what I think Canon could do better.

 The camera has enough features to attract amateur photographers. let alone serious professionals, by the way for those of you. who are wondering where this camera sits along. canons full-frame line-up. it’s exactly between the 6d mark 2 and the 5d Mark 4. It has the fully articulated LCD of the 6D Mark 2.

it has the sensor of the 5d Mark 4. Unfortunately, it lacks some of the professional controls offered by the 5 Series. let’s say you’re a travel photographer of any kind and you’re looking for a lightweight, portable full-frame camera.

that still has generally good build quality good weather sealing and great battery life.  by the way, I don’t know why the spec sheet says that this thing only gets 300 to 400 clicks on a single battery on average with general use. I have been getting over a thousand clicks.

 last but not least, any Canon shooters who already own a lot of EF lenses and want a seamless adapter experience. that doesn’t have any compatibility issues.

In canon r Autofocus system: 

In canon r Autofocus system

I think Canon got right with the EOS. our first is the autofocus system This camera has 5655 dual-pixel autofocus points.

This is more than even the 5D Mark IV’s one-shot AF mode, which is amazing.  On this camera, it’s got face and eye detection.  that works great even in very low light. It’s just nail-focused; it’s better than any of the dslrs.  I’ve used it, but unfortunately, eye detection is not available when shooting video or in servo, AF servo AF does have face detection, though. 

Servo Af:

It’s great at tracking moving subjects in general. It only starts to falter when the action gets really fast-paced. All right, number two image quality, as I said before, can be put the 5d Mark 4 sensor.

 This camera instead of from the 60 mark – and that’s a great thing because the 5D 4 already has a pretty good leap forward overall.

 image quality in laboratory tests, Nikon and Sony have a little bit of an advantage but honestly, in the real world, you’re not going to notice a difference. unless you’re pixel-peeping in the deepest, darkest shadows.

 meanwhile, if you love Canon colors. those beautiful skin tones then the Canon R is going to make you a very happy number. threesome amazing new customizations are possible on the EOS of our body as well as on the whole RF lens system. 

Command Ring:

Command Ring

First, all of the new RF lenses, have this command ring that you can program to do anything related to your exposure. you can put your aperture or shutter speed on there but I personally on a manual exposure shooter and I’ve always wanted a third command dial to dedicate to my camera, so now without taking my eye away from the viewfinder or even changing the way my hand holds the camera. 

I can dial in my ISO or if you’re shooting in any of the auto exposure modes. You can set it to do Eevee compensation, and if you’re a vlogger, you can dial in your exposure without having to reach around to the back of the camera.

it’s right there on the front of the lens. Don’t forget, by the way, if you have any EF lenses. the one hundred-and-ninety-nine-dollar adapter does have that command ring on it as well.

1 of 3 rf Adapters new with rf lens system:  

1 of 3 rf Adapters new with rf lens system

The EOS R itself, and I hope for all future full-frame bodies. From Canon is this new touchpad control dial. You can program both swiping and tapping on either end of the dial.

 so, personally, as a portrait and wedding photographer, I’m always changing my Kelvin white balance. So, I just programmed swiping left and right to dial up or down warmer or cooler on my white balance. 

Then I program the tapping on either end to jump to 3,000 Kelvin or 5000 Kelvin. which as a wedding photographer is super useful for me number four the electronic viewfinder and the touch screen of the Canon R are great.

EVF of canon eos r :

EVF of canon eos r :

The EVF has three points and six million pixels, so not only do you have what you see, but you also get great exposure and color.

 You also have what feels like zero lag and no shutter blackout. When you click the picture, the touch screen is also beautiful, with 2.1 million pixels. which makes live view great, but if you’re shooting with the camera to your eye, you can use your thumb on that touch screen to move the focus points around the viewfinder.

which is great for controlling all 5000 of those AF points. by the way, while we’re talking about the shooting experience having that electronic silent shutter is amazing for shooting and quiet conditions like wedding ceremonies. 

In Canon r 50mm, 24–105mm, 28–70mm: 

 Canon r 50mm, 24–105mm, 28–70mm: 

The new RF lenses are all amazing I’ve had a chance to test each of them: the 50mm f/1.2, the 24mm to 105mm f/4 and even the exotic 28mm to 70mm f/2, as well as the 35mm f/1.8 macro.

 Every single one of them is very sharp. Even if you’re demanding things like nightscape photography, by the way, this new 50mm f/1.2 is amazingly better than the old 50mm f/1.2 for both general sharpness and also reliably nailing focus in low light.

5 improvement suggestions for Canon r :

  • My five about the Canon R, but we definitely have to talk about things that I think Canon needs to do better. First and foremost, there are no dual card slots; a single SD card slot comes.
  • Now that Sony’s A7 Mark 3 has dual card slots, any camera that’s over $2,000 needs to have dual card slots.  if it wants to be competitive next Canon where is the in-body stabilization? Sony and now even Nikon have that feature in mirrorless cameras at this price range. 
  • number three is the cropped 4K video this is a 1.83crop factor on the EOS, Nikon’s z6, and all of the Sony A7 line. I have uncropped full sensor 4K video so this is going to be a deal-breaker. if you’re a serious cinematographer. 
  • four I have some minor complaints about the button layout First, I wish the thumb dial was a little bit easier to access with my thumb. Secondly, hitting the center button to change your mode, let alone switching from video to stills, is very cumbersome. Canon, where is that photo-video switch that you’ve had on all of your cameras?
  • Five, we need more RF lenses, and we need them soon. Having the seamless adapter experience for EF 2 RF is great, but part of the whole reason for switching from muralists is to have even more lightweight and compact options.


The Canon R is more than just a spec sheet. It’s a glimpse into Canon’s future with a new RF mount, but they’re amazing lenses with new possibilities for camera control. it also shows their dedication to designing cameras. That just makes photography seem effortless, and it goes to show that 80 years of experience making cameras still counts for something.

All right, folks, thank you for reading. Please don’t forget to comment and share your doubts in the below. 

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