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Sometimes photographers & Videographers tend to ignore camera cleaning, especially when they are in the beginner. How to take proper care of the DSLR cameras and by that does not mean only protecting it from the shocks and environmental factors. But to also perform a correct equipment camera cleaning kit from time to time. It is a simple process that does not involve any great risk to the equipment, considering it is done correctly. So in this article, the explains how you can clean your DSLR camera with the Professional camera cleaning kit.

First, we have to know how to clean your camera using a camera cleaning kit.

One of the easiest ways to get better photos is by simply cleaning your lens & sensor. Even a speck of dust on the glass can blemish your photos, and you might not know until it’s too late.

Air Blower

An air blower is an essential part of a camera cleaning kit. It is essential if you proposed to use air in the removal of dust particles from the camera. First, start by using an air blower and not compressed air to blow off any dust particles on the glass. The less you have to touch your lens, the better.

Microfiber cloth

you will be using the camera cleaning cloth multiple times. It would be best if you kept it clean. Microfiber cloth is a necessary process that helps in eliminating particles, grime, and dirt from previous uses. The cloth is possible for the cloth to produce bursts due to residue from the softener chemical. Microfiber cloth and gently wipes off the dirt from the lens.

Cleaning spray & Lens Pen 

put a couple of lenses cleaning spray drops onto the microfiber cloth, never onto the lens, do the same thing, or keep one of these lens pens handy. Which lets you go at it without damaging the lens. Don’t forget the other side of your lens, where dust can also collect and equally ruin your photos. Follow the same methods, first using an AIR blower and then resorting to the microfiber cloth or lens pen for any stubborn dust. If that doesn’t help, the problem might be on your sensor. In some cases, you might need a professional.

Cleaning using your camera cleaning mode in your DSLR 

 put your camera in cleaning mode; you can usually find that in the settings under something like sensor cleaning or mirror lock in this case. As a user, I want to clean it manually and once, I hit OK, the mirror will flip, and the sensor will be exposed.

 Now use the blower to blow away any particles that might be lodged inside that. Your only option when it comes to cleaning the sensoryou don’t want to use a lens pen, and you also don’t want to use something like a brush, which can easily damage those inside parts. When you’re done, replace the lens turn off your camera, and enjoy more explicit photos.

Tip: When you store your DSLR camera & lenses, use silica pouch gel compulsory.

Gizga Essentials GZ-CK-104 Professional 6-in-1 cameraCleaning Kit

Gizga Essentials GZ-CK-104

Gizga Essentials is a good company that has frequently supplied few of the best in camera accessories.

  •  Best quality lens cleaning fluid included that is comfortable for use on unalike types of design, including LCDs, computers, and cameras.
  • Gizga Essentials camera cleaning kit is a 6-in-1 kit. It is comfortable for several cleaning motives including camera and lens cleaning
  • In the Gizga essentials kit, two microfiber cloth available in unalike sizes for different camera cleaning reasons.
  • This brush is comfortable for dust removal but also removes stable charge during the camera cleaning process.


  • Good contrast, vivid colours & viewing angles
  • Eyecare feature (automatic brightness intelligence)


  • Slight backlight bleeding at top left corner
  • Speaker could be better (but it’s okay according to its price)

AmazonBasics Camera Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras 

AmazonBasics Camera Cleaning Kit

  • Amazon Basics is Comfortable for Dslr camera cleaning multicoated lenses with the lens cleaning tissue paper present in each bundle.
  • This soft camera cleaning pad and a soft brush on a two-sided lens pen make it clam to use in the removal of smudges and fingerprints.
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths that are functional in cleaning the dissimilar types of camera surface available
  • Amazon basic camera cleaning kit comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • The air blower is comfortable cleaning the air from the body of the camera, lens, or any other part you may need it to work on.
  • In the empty fluid bottle that lets you reload the contents of the liquid spray bottle.


  • Amazon Basic comes with 3 high-quality cleaning cloths that do not scratch or damage any part of the camera; meanwhile, use
  • Some users have appreciated the quality of the camera cleaning product is good
  • This camera cleaning kit is suitable for Canon, Nikon, Sony.


  • It doesn’t include a cleaning fluid

Kamron Cleaning Kit for DSLR & lenses

Kamron Cleaning Kit

Kamron is an Indian company. It is supply the essential photography accessories.

  • This Kamron camera cleaning kit comes with lens cleaning tissue that is dust-free to make it comfortable for the process.
  • This camera cleaning kit includes a Microfiber cloth that is very easy to keep and normal to clean the camera surface. 
  • There is a two-sided lens pen in this kit that raises the kit’s flexibility in the camera cleaning kit.
  •  Air blower is also available to utilize air to take out dust and other particles that will bring out scratches when using a cloth or brush directly.


  • IN this 5-in-1 kit, most of the needed cleaning accessories are available in this camera cleaning kit
  • This Kamron camera cleaning kit is a useful cleaning tool suitable for binoculars, cameras, laptops, LCDs, & laptops.
  • This camera cleaning kit is ideal with canon, Nikon, Sony.


  • It usually is to find some of the brush hair falling off after some uses.
  • the lens cleaning pen rubber falling off after a few uses.

Carl Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit

Carl Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit

Carl Zeiss is a German manufacturing company. The lens cleaning kit is best for professional photographers & videographers & filmmakers.

This lens cleaning kit dimension is 19.1 x 14 x 7.1 cm & 249 Grams. IN this carl ZEISS Lens Cleaning Kit, we get 1 oz Bottle of Cleaning Fluid, Microfiber Cloth,10 x Pre-Moistened Cleaning Wipes, Retractable Cleaning Brush, Air Blaster & Fabric Travel Case. These things are available in the kit. Fully solution for cleaning, very helpful for camera lenses, eyeglasses, telescopes, or spotting scopes.


  • This camera cleaning kit is suitable for
  • Canon, Nikon, Sony.
  • Fully Kit for Cleaning Optics.
  • Non-Abrasive Microfiber Cloth.
  • Country of Origin: Germany


  • Not for beginners
  • price is high.

OAHU Rocket Rubber Multi-Function Dust Blower Ball Dust Cleaner Blower for Sony, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus & More Camera & Camcorders (Multicolour)

OAHU Rocket Rubber Multi-Function Dust Blower

OAHU® is a good product review by some  costumer & this product dimension is 9 x 3 x 6 cm & 200 Grams. This was manufacture by the daksh Group. Large black Air Blaster quickly take out dust and refuse from cameras, lenses, filters & laptops with a powerful blast of air. Includes a one-way valve to cure Blaster from the breathing in dust and spreading it back to your equipment. This Rocket Rubber Blower is a very strong tool for cleaning all of your camera. including cameras, lenses and laptops OAHU blower is produces a strong flurry of air to blow away any surface dust with ease.


  • A safe and successfully way of cleaning and continuing your gear
  • This camera cleaning kit is suitable with canon, Nikon, sony 


  • None

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