Canon eos r10 full specifications with price in India

Canon EOS R3, Eos R5, Eos R6 & now finally the time is over, after a year of a wait now canon finally recently launch canon Eos R10, this camera looks great. Canon says the EOS R10 is the progression of its dual-digit DSLRs like the Canon EOS 90D and 80D, photographic cameras.

That became firm favorites amongst people who required to click their national holidays. Day-to-day existence thru smartphone-thrashing superiority.

canon eos r10 specs with price

Canon Eos R10 is a 24-megapixel access-equal APS-C mirrorless photographic camera for the RF base.

It reaches together with an extra, luxurious R7 sister perfect. Aspects a lot similar an extra for shares of the business’s typical ‘Rebel/XX0D’ DSLRs.

Canon EOS R3, Eos R5, Eos R6 & now finally the time is over, after a year of a wait now canon finally recently launch canon Eos R10, this camera looks great.

Canon says the EOS R10 is the progression of its dual-digit DSLRs as like, the Canon EOS 90D and 80D.

Photographic cameras that became firm favorites amongst people. who required to click their national, holidays and day-to-day exists thru smartphone-thrashing superiority.

Eos R10 is a 24-megapixel access-equal APS-C mirrorless photographic camera for the RF base.

It reaches together with an extra luxurious R7 sister perfect & aspects a lot similar an extra for shares of the business’s typical ‘Rebel/XX0D’ DSLRs.

Canon eos r10 specifications


ModelEOS R10
Price in India₹80,995
Release date23rd May 2022
Model NumberEOS R10
TypeDSLR Camera
Effective Pixels24.2 MP
Dimensions (WxHxD)122.5×87.8×83.4mm
Weight429.00 kg
Face DetectionYes
Wide AngleYes
Maximum BurstUp to 23fps
Lens AttachmentRF-S
Sensor features
Sensor TypeAPS-C
Maximum ISO51,200
Lens features
Lens MountCanon RF-S
Viewfinder features
View FinderYes
View Finder TypeOLED
Viewfinder Coverage100
Focus features
Focus ModeOne-Shot AF, Servo AF
Focus Points651
Exposure features
Exposure ModeAperture Priority, Manual, Program, Shutter Priority
Exposure Compensation±3 stops
Shutter features
Shutter TypeMechanical shutter & Electronic
Image features
Image FormatJPEG L, RAW, C-RAW, HEIF
Image StabilizerIn-body 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization
HDR SupportYes
Image ProcessorDigic X
Display features
Display TypeLCD
Display Size3 inches
Display Resolution1,040,000 dots
Connectivity features
Storage and power features
Upgradable MemoryYes
Audio and video features
Video ResolutionUp to 6K Cinema RAW Light
Video FormatMP4

EOS R10 Sensor Size

canon eos r10 sensor size

Canon declares the sensor is an original chip it’s not ever cast-off earlier but has not agreed on any facts of how it’s different.

We see cases in the history anywhere Canon has hugged a bit extra out of a current project by touching to a new manufacturing line.

Those usages a finer procedure scale (advanced exactness construction of the electrical system). But we’ll have to delay to get how the sensor works in repetition.

Canon Eos R10 suggests quicker video than earlier, though, which proposes faster information, greater dispensation power, or, extra likely, a mixture of . This in turn, will benefit autofocus presentation.

Autofocus in eos r10

Canon EOS R10 becomes a studied AF scheme with procedures resulting from persons in the EOS R3.

Definitely, that resources it gains character credit styles permitting it to classify & path humans, animals or automobiles.

In the situation of persons & animals, the R10 has stayed qualified to emphasize the eye, & in automobile mode.

There’s a ‘spot focus’ selection that lets you order the rider of a motorbike or the helmet of a motorist in open-wheel racing cars.

Image Quality

image source –

All the example pictures in this analysis. were busy by the income of the 24.2 megapixels Fine JPEG site, which bounces an average picture size of about 8 MB.

Canon EOS R10 shaped still pictures of outstanding value during the evaluation period. This camera crops noise-free JPEG pictures from ISO 100 all the method up to ISO 3200. With the racket first look at ISO 6400. 

The earlier locations of 12800 and especially ISO 25600 display spare noise but are motionless fit for minor prints and web images. We wouldn’t use the extended location of ISO 51200 though.

The RAW files remained also unresolved, showing more noise than their JPEG complements. still creating very practical pictures from ISO 100-3200. The built-in pop-up flash functioned well indoors, with no red-eye and good general exposure. The night picture was actually good, with the supreme shutter speed of 30 seconds.

The Bulb manner permits you to imprisonment enough light in all states. While the HDR mode works fine in the true circumstances.

The many diverse Picture Styles and the skill to make your individual are a real benefit. As is the wide range of Original Effects, all of which can be shown earlier you revenue the shot.


ISO sympathy can be set among ISO 100 & ISO 51200 in filled-stop increases. Here are approximately 100% crops that display the noise levels for a piece ISO location. With JPEG on the left & the RAW equal on the correct.

Ports and Connectivity

Eos R10 originates with a USB-C which can be used to care for the battery with a control bank. It also has a micro HDMI port to attach to an outside video recorder. A 2.5mm strengthened remote port and a 3.5mm microphone effort. 

Workers to get a hot shoe to mount fixtures and Canon’s range of enthusiastic flashes, named the Canon Speedlight. You can grow Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to part files. As fine as the Canon Camera Connect app to attach to Android and iOS strategies. 

Needless to say, all your connectivity wants are well arranged. particularly when it originates to recording and monitoring audio.

Body Design

The dense & fanciful EOS R10 reflects 429g. By its battery and card introduced, which is lighter than even the EOS 250D. It too events 122.5 x 87.8 x 83.4mm.

Happening at the back of the DSLR is a 2.95-inch, 1.04-million-dot, vari-angle LCD touchscreen & a 0.39-inch 2,360,000-dots OLED EVF.

Video quality

canon video quality

Like the R7, the Canon EOS R10 can shoot 4K video at up to 60 fps, but, this is a theme to a 64% crop on the R10. The situation is also probable to shoot 4K film at 30p unhappy-tested from 6K film. slow-motion fans will like Full HD filmed at up to 120p.

All-out degree for video film on the R10 is 2 hours. Its movie can be produced at HDR PQ (YCbCr 4:2:2 10-bit) in-photographic camera, or via HDMI.

, the R7 and the R10 can best HDR PQ (YCbCr 4:2:2 10-bit BT.2020) cinemas that deliver a high lively range with negligible grading.

Though the EOS R10 absences IBIS, which the R7 takes, it can use data after lenses with Visual IS to maximize its Movie Numerical IS.


canon eos r10 battery

EOS R10 usages the LP-E17 battery that’s been cast off in Rebel DSLRs camera & many M-series mirrorless photographic cameras earlier. It’s a dense, 7.5Wh unit, which is not decent news in a mirrorless DSLR camera.

It brings a sensible 350 shots per custody when using the rear shade and a somewhat little 210 shot rating.

When using the finder, These statistics are for flatness priority mode: reducing to power exchangeable model gets these facts to jump to 430 & 260.

Scene modes

R10 develops an order of scene styles to provision the snapper. These comprise a combination or unique thoughts & choices we’ve realized on extra brands’ cameras.

For example, there’s a focus loading style, which shoots a sequence of photos with slight focus changes among apiece one, then syndicates them to form a solo photo with very in focus (particularly valued for close-up effort).

canon Scene modes

The photographic camera rents you to shoot Raw files for the specific shots then, as your strength imagine. only deliver a JPEG version of the complex photo.

Panorama mode, which shoots many photos as you pan the photographic camera, then combines them hooked on a solo, long photo.

My final impression Canon eos R 10 & eos r 10 price in India

So, for who is this camera well, if you had a 77d 850d or even a rebel and you’d think it’s time now to upgrade to the mirrorless system.

Then this camera is definitely for you or if you are a traveler and you want something light and small.

This camera will work even if you want to start now, with wildlife photography. you’re not sure this camera will produce fantastic images.

All in all, this is a little powerhouse that comes in a small package with a fair price estimated retail price will be around the price in India 80,995.

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