Canon eos R5c specifications, features & price in India

Canon has revealed an original photographic & cinema camera, that takes film-mark, film proficiency to a conservative filled-frame mirrorless frame. EOS R5C camera aspects a proportion like the EOS R5, which in try observed a ratio like a Canon DSLR camera. Then it’s ample larger in the back. This is to quarter a dynamic chilling scheme so, it can shoot for extended gives short of sweatiness.

Canon expresses the conserving scheme, that lets the eos R5C shoot up to 8K/60fps forever. This was a subject by the R5; it stood helped as being able to shoot 8K for about 20 minutes.

Canon progressive free a firmware informs to progress hotness difficulties. Eos R5C cinema camera also ropes 8K HDR recording in HLG and PQ setups as fine as 4K/120fps video recording in 4:2:2, 10-bit colour short of collecting the sensor.

By the way of a still’s photographic camera, it’s equal to the R5 but for the deficiency of in-body photostability. The full-frame sensor is 45 megapixels & you can film at 12fps with the mechanical shutter or 20fps by the electronic shutter.

Camera’s 3-way power shift lets you boot it up hooked on image or video modes, with the menus and button functionalities varying so.

what made canon Eos R5c Unique ?

If you’ve shot with equal kinds of photographic cameras, you’ve seen this. Professional filmed camera boundaries and menus are intended for a filmed system. They naturally take in video-detailed gears like a normal feature.

The greatest mirrorless photographic camera models contain rare. If, enthusiastic video gears and inter those objects secret tariffs overflowing with image situations. They’re not improved to care a video system, & creators think you to do gears like usage histograms as a substitution for the waveform.

Assuming the theme of this object, Canon has stayed an offender here, restricting histograms when you hit the best control on near cameras.

Amongst mirrorless photographic camera creators, Panasonic has completed the finest job with video-exact gears such as choices, shutter angle, made-in LUTS, &, extra lately. The situation shown from its Varicam cinema cameras on its video-concerned with models.

Though, the greatest of these gears continue nestled secret a blackboard scheme together with locations for still pictures. The situation is not a bad answer, and I am like Panasonic’s tariffs, then I’ve wanted a healthier way.

It receipts a, unlike style, the situation control change lets you snap among image and video methods. but dissimilar to other cameras with alike wheels. it fixes a lot extra than recalling your situations in apiece style.

Canon eos r5c

Once power-driven on in picture mode, it works like a Canon mirrorless camera intended for pictures – in this situation. The EOS R5c cinema camera. It has the equal image value, menus, and presentation that you’d imagine after that camera.

Though, when power-driven on in video style, it functions like a canon EOS cinema camera. Its customs the Film EOS rate scheme & has the equal choices as Film EOS wave image cameras. counting video choices, false color shows, then an edge and menu scheme intended for a video system. If you need to become a logic of how this is the whole thing, you can attempt Canon’s Cinema EOS C300 Mark II.

Canon EOS R5 C specifications & features

Canon EOS R5 C cinema camera packs a 45-megapixel full-frame CMOS imagination sensor. opposite with Digic X picture processor which permits the camera to detention excessive pictures as fine as up to 8K/60fps RAW recording videos.

the company says that the camera can detention still pictures at speeds of up to 20fps. Its Double Pixel CMOS AF II ability “can path split-2 activities” of affecting vehicles.

camera arises with 1,053 Automatic AF zones for tall excellence & sharp pictures. The camera derives with 13 noticeable, transferrable keys that permit workers to customize the camera process


The Canon EOS R5 C price in India, esteemed sale in April 2022 at MRP Rs 399 900.00/U inclusive of all taxes. Mostly, the Canon EOS R5 C is a good camera. Different extra cameras that are photo-centric with panels and boundaries intended for snappers first.

The R5 C is intended from the crushed up to help double drives and do fairness to together. Aimed at instance, it takes a control handle that can fasten amongst the video and photo styles .

Those smooth gives your dissimilar borders devoted to making life calmer in that method in core generous. You two proficient cameras in 1 body, Or as we like call it, a correct combination.

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