Golden ratio in photography

The golden ratio in photography composition successful as the rule of thirds, given the fact that artists have used it for centuries.

Photography utilizing the golden ratio

What would a golden ratio in photography composition look like? It’s a method for framing your pictures that is very different from most photographers’ standard approach.

The rule of thirds, which divides the frame into thirds both and (note the lines in blue above), is the most renowned compositional method.

Photography utilizing the golden ratio

Key focal points may then be placed at the junctions of both vertical and horizontal lines, and the components can be grouped around these divisions.

The golden ratio (pink, top) is a natural harmonic ratio that the rule of thirds has simplified.

what is the golden ratio in photography?

The divine proportion, referred to as the ratio of gold or the golden mean, is regarded as lovely and harmonious. Ancient Greek mathematics is the origin of the golden ratio, which they discovered as they started studying five-sided structures like the pentagon. It is closely connected to the square root of pi.

what is the golden ratio in photography?

It essentially forms a Fibonacci spiral, also known as a golden spiral, if the points in the Fibonacci sequence are plotted and connected by a curve. Utilizing the golden ratio of 1.618, this spiral intersects at every point where the rectangle divides.

Use the golden ratio for crop photography

Use the golden ratio for crop photography

The crop is an essential component of image editing software that affects the composition’s overall balance.

Once used, cropping is an actual method that can make or break a picture.

It lets us revenue out any disturbing items from the image and focus the eye of the watcher on what is significant. This method can open up new perspectives and give your photographs unexpected results.

The Crop tool in Adobe Photoshop CC comes with additional overlays that help you create a composition that appears better.

Choose the golden ratio as an overlay for photography. Crop the image and drag it within the crop window to put important details across various subdivided sections. Then just click Enter.

Especially in portrait and fashion pictures, the crop tool needs to be used because aspects that are removed can impact the final product. When cropping pictures, it’s essential to do so mindful of the aspect ratio of the intended media platform.

Is the rule of a third superior to the golden ratio?

Is the rule of a third superior to the golden ratio?
  • If the focal point is placed one-third of the way in from one or two edges, allowing it more breathing room than if you were to butt it up against the frame’s edge, an image is often seen as more appealing.
  • As with all rules, they are only instructions, so feel free to stray from them if you are capable of a unique reason or determine that it helps the subject matter.
  • The concept of the rule of thirds has similarities to the golden ratio in photography since it splits the frame into nine equal-sized boxes.
  • The golden ratio uses the ratio of 1:1.618, consequently, the boxes aren’t equal, setting it apart from the approach provided before. centered vertically.
The rule of thirds and golden ratio compared
  • The intersecting lines of the grid are located notably more centrally as a result of the center vertical and horizontal boxes, which make up the “cross” shape, being significantly smaller compared to those at the corners.
  • As a consequence, the action will appear to be taking place in the center of the frame, which will help direct attention to the main subject of your photo.
  • The golden ratio in photography works better in compositions with an identifiable focal point due to this. Fibonacci’s spiral, a mathematical formula that frequently appears in nature, might help you design greater landscape compositions.

How to draw a golden rectangle depending on the golden ratio:

The golden rectangle may be produced without any specific expertise or equipment. The following is how to make a golden rectangle:

Start by drawing a square corresponding to the rectangle’s short side.Then draw a line across it to form two rectangles, splitting it in half. And then, beginning with one of those portions, draw a line from one end to another. until the rectangle expands to move the side line’s upper point smaller.

Finish off your golden rectangle with the length of the diagonal as a guide for the long side.



When you create a picture, using the Golden Ratio to assist locate areas of focus can help create the scene stronger overall. It will help lead visitors around the scene for looking at any interesting locations you decide to put in your picture.

Your pictures will benefit from the golden ratio composition method. The spiral or the grid develops patterns and ratios which may be observed in nature. And how can argue with something that is simply established in our DNA?

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