Rule of composition in photography [Explained in easy]

In the field of photography composition is a very important role in your photography. Clicking a photo using Composition is not so easy. It’s an art of practicing. Where you are a beginner or professional photographer. if you are clicking photos using composition you know the value of composition. Arrangement of element in your image is the main thing in the rule of composition in photography.  How you arrange your foreground, subject & element.

Let’s take an example:

If you you’re clicking a photo of a deer where you arrange your subject in the left, right or centre it’s all depends upon your composition. Using composition your photo creates a story & emotion for the viewers. In composition rule of third has an important role. Here we are talking more about rule of composition in photography

Follow the Composition rule:

Rule of third

Rule of third image

The subject gets its important by its proper placement following the Rule of third. Mentally divide the format of picture area into three particular part vertically & horizontally. The interesting thing is four point of this imaginary lines are all strong positions, where the subject can be placed.

The rule of third is very popular composition rule. Its benefit of attraction of the viewer’s eye in the photograph & places has more importance in the subject.

So, rule of third is a very easy composition, if we use rule of third instant of simply placing the images or the subject in the intersecting point, you will realize you are creating more dynamic & better-looking images.   

Centre composition rule:

Arrange the subject in the center composition rule might make the picture boring, but photography is an art & a craft from its exception. It has been an exception is, sometime placing picture dead center also makes look exciting.

center compostion rule

when you are using center composting rule one thing that you have to appreciate you have to balance left & right or the top & bottom part of the picture.

Leading lines:

Leading lines means they will be lines which lead of converse to a single point or subject.

Leading lines image

This composition rule is a very strong composition technic. that you can use to attract your images & much more dynamic.

Foreground interesting:

when we are shooting, we onlyfocus on midground & background.

Foreground interesting image

we are caring of ignore to the four grounds. It can a biggest mistake when composition the pictures. If you are shooting around kind of element in four grounds, that can be actually compliment the scene.

Your pictures look much more dynamic. Because I think interest from four ground to the midground all the watt to the background. If we add some kind of intreating in your four ground you look your four-ground looking much more beautiful.

Focal length:

Even if you are using a similar composition rule. It also depends on lot of what focal length you’re shooting so, if you are shooting with wide angle lens, it will give u very different pictures, if you are shooting with 35mm lens, it will give u a different result.

Focal length image

Now if you’re shooting with 600mm lens it will give different result. in short focal length matter a lot. Every focal length has different look to it. Using focal length u do your composition rule better. it will help you in the Rule of composition in photography.


Aperture is a very interesting thing in photography, aperture is going to responsible for the background. Focus on your character you get wider background will be out of focus.

Aperture image


Now if u want to your background to be added may it some kind of attention, you will use a minor aperture f.8 to f.14.  it’s all depending what kind of background has & what kind of departure u need from your subject.

You have to smartly use aperture.

Placing a Subject:

when we shoot landscape, it might be very problematic for viewers to imagine the depth & the scale.

Placing subject image

If the landscape. placing a human being can actually change a lot. It can not only add a dissimilar subject to your image but also when you place such human beings since you know what normal human being size is.

Filling the frame Very much ‘bad’ or unutilized area strength not work for your image. You could grow closer to your subject on these shapes, or zoom in to fill the frame.


Perspective images

The use of perspective effect is a valuable tool to each depend upon the fact. The relative size of the object changes with every alternation location of the camera.

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Objects & Shapes:

Objects & shapes are similar, identical in size & character have some differences.

When you see the picture recording (perspective) building for instance becomes more examples.


Its vertical line becomes smaller. It’s because (instead of vertical they take in horizontal format). They close up as they recede in decline value into the distance.

When you take a photograph in both way that is vertical & horizontal u will find the object.


It is the foremost challenge in the rule of composition in photography. When you photograph you have to really keep these things in your mind & the important stages.

You can use the grade in your cameras. All the mark when you are shooting.

Here you know the Rule of composition in photography. First, we know the whole rule & use it, then broke the rule. It does not mean we compulsory follow the rule.  At a point If you broke the rule but our photographs look beautiful, then you realize.

Advance your composition by re-explore your work and learning the work of other images. Appearance at photos you similar, and note why dissimilar fundamentals work glowing visually.

So, keep clicking keep practicing keep experimenting with composition rule. If you want know more then follow Steven McCurry photography.

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