Metering modes in Canon & Which metering mode should I use?

Since, photography the metering modes in canon cameras is doing a very important role in your images. Where you are a beginner or professional photographer or videographer. knowing about Metering mode is very useful for clicking photos.

Metering modes is a very helpful tool in your DSLR camera. it’s helps the DSLR camera to meter the light and estimate the exposure.

There are 4 Metering modes in canon DSLR camera:

Evaluative/Matrix Metering

Centre – Weighted Metering 

Spot Metering. 

Partial Metering mode 

Now the name might differ according to the camera brands but it works in the same manner. We know about the three metering mode we should understand how metering mode works on a camera

Light Metering Modes

Metering modes

What actually metering mode woks in your photos

DSLR camera has an important thing. It has an incident of light and this light is the reflected light and the camera can only see the reflected lights.

 It is estimating the exposure according to the reflected light. The exposure is always has determined by the cameras are not always real. Sometimes your images run time to time turns out to be bright or dark that is because of the camera. You are using might not always gets an actual exposure. That is where the metering mode comes into play there are dissimilar metering modes. which help the camera to meter the light and estimate the exposure. Now for various lighting situations different metering modes used. So, it’s the work of Metering modes in Canon /Nikon /Sony in all cameras.

Evaluative /matrix metering mode

Evaluative /matrix metering mode

It’s the default option which is set in all the DSLR cameras. So matrix metering has dissimilar zones which has spread all over the frame. Every zone calculates its communicate exposure. All the exposures are out to reach a final exposure calculation.
Now the calculation is not very easy it’s very complex and it depends on dissimilar companies.

 We don’t have to focus on that the only thing. We have to focus in the matrix metering. All part of the frame corresponds to the exposure calculation. Matrix Metering works great when the scene is bright and photographer set. Metering mode to matrix metering mode 90% of the times and it works very well. If the lighting situation is not very complex the matrix metering mode is going to be the safe option. You should use it and if you are discover any problems then you should change your metering mode. In Matrix Metering mode the section which contains your focus point. It also has a high priority for the exposure calculation. So, it’s assumed to be a very brilliant Metering Mode.

Tip: Where should you use Evaluative /matrix metering mode:

Evaluative /matrix metering mode is best for Architect photography, Landscape photography & group photograph. or if u want properly exposed picture.

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Center – Weighted Metering   

Center – Weighted Metering

Second metering mode is a center -weighted metering mode. As the name recommends the center has the advanced priority. All the surrounding areas. All the angles are being ignored for the exposure calculation.

Now there is a round in the center and only that circle had considered. While calculating the exposure the scope of the circle. Depending on the different camera companies. So, the center weighted metering should use when the subject is in the center

You want the subject to be correctly exposed irrespective of the background. Being bright or dark so in complex lighting the matrix metering doesn’t work fine.

The center weighted metering will be more correct and will be a safer choice. If the center has given more priority while calculating the exposure. Now if the subject is not in the center you can still use this metering mode. What you can do is place the subject in the center takes the exposure reading. Then recompose your shot and take. The image and you will get a correct exposure.

Tip: Where you use Center – Weighted Metering

If you need middle of area of your subject and less important on the background. Center metering mode is best, and it covers approximately 60 to 80% light in the center of your frame.

Spot metering

Spot metering

The third & last metering mode is a spot metering mode. Now again as the name suggests, the spot metering mode only works for a specific spot so depending

on your focus point spot metering will only consider that particular spot for

exposure calculation.

Spot metering mode is a very limiting and a very correct metering mode. This mode should only use when your subject takes a very tiny amount of space. You want your subject to expose the irrespective of the background and foreground. 

Even if your subject is in a very Complex Lighting situation. It will consider the focus point so, you don’t have to care about the bright or dark environment. The spot metering mode delivers light from between 1 to 5%of your frame.

Tip: where you should use Spot metering

spot metering is best for exposes the frame & not the background. Best for micro photography, portrait close up photography, small flower photography

Partial Metering  (only offered in Canon cameras).

Partial Metering

 Its alike to Spot Metering mode but it’s a small calmer to use & it offers larger area rather than spot metering. Its cover 6 to 10 % of the center area of your frame.

Spot metering mode or center weight if u choose it also help you to click proper correct exposure for your maximum significant subject of your scene.

Canon metering mode cheat sheet

 It is not only canon metering mode cheat sheet its work for all digital camera metering mode cheat sheet.

Canon metering mode cheat sheet

Metering modes clarified

Greatest Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Hasselblad cameras proposed the next metering modes:

EvaluativeMatrixMulti patternCentre-weighted
Centre-weightedCentre-subjective Centre-weighted Centre spot
SpotSpot Spot Spot
Partial (in near models) Highlight-weighted (in nearly models) Entire screen average (in nearly models)

Center-Weighted metering mode to calculate the light in this portrait.


For shooting images of the Milky Way and then the stars, multi is the finest metering mode. If you’re shooting Northern Lights, it can be extra stimulating. Meanwhile, the lights vary next by second. so except the Aurora is “dancing” crosswise in an exact area, I’d mention stabbing to matrix metering. Matrix Metering Mode to shoot the Way. Maine, USA Finally, spot metering mode is the finest way to get the finest contact for shooting basics like the moon.


sports photography, the best metering sport is matrix metering. If there’s a theme or set of subjects in the middle of the frame, center-weighted is very suggested. Center-Weighted Metering mode to estimate the average light of the main subjects If your theme is in a thorough area against a cheerful or dark background, from center-weighted, you can habit spot metering.

sports photography, the best metering sport is matrix metering.

If there’s a theme or set of subjects in the middle of the frame, center-weighted is very suggested.

Center-Weighted Metering mode to estimate the average light of the main subjects

If your theme is in a thorough area against a cheerful or dark background, from center-weighted, you can habit spot metering.


The metering mode for macro taking pictures is spot metering. For overall macro & extra close-ups, you must focus on the important zones of your theme. similar to the eyes, so by means of spot metering benefits you calculate the finest exposure ended those basics.

Which metering mode should I use

Here we get 4 types of metering modes that you can use to express your camera of what is a proper exposure. Now the question is which metering mode should i use it vary on the lighting situations. 

If it’s a very lit situation matrix metering is your option. If the lighting situation is difficult and you want to focus on the center. The center weighted metering is going to work. If the lighting is further more complex. And you only need to focus on the spot another time spot metering is going to work for you. In the end I am not give you a fixed answer for Metering Mode in Canon. The situation what Metering Mode should I used its trial and error method. In the other brand DSLR cameras metering mode name is different, but the work is shame. Do not worry. Use & practice the metering mode & then u will better understand with your experience

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