Is amd better than intel? who makes the best CPU?

Intel vs. Amd! It’s a never-ending battle when it comes to choosing the best CPU for your next gaming or editing PC build. First of all, we can’t judge a brand or Chipset family on the basis of one good or not good feature. As Both CPU brands are created for different buyers.

But there are some factors which going to help you while you editing, multitasking or gaming. So, is Amd better than intel? It absolutely depends upon which task you’re going to do with your new PC build. In this article, we are going to see a piece of brief information about Amd vs Intel processors (we are only be talking about desktop processors)

So, what is a best CPU?

That ultimately depends upon the user as for some people the i3 series would be enough for their need and for some Ryzen 9 series will be less. But for the sake of general-purpose, we would compare some features like Speed, Overclocking, Cores/thread and Price to performance ratio. 

CPU Speed

CPU processor speeds are measured in clock rates and by clock rate means, how many cycles a processor can perform in 1 second and it’s measured in GHz. So higher the clock speed faster the CPU (however, there are multiple factors also applied to this). In simple language, try to get a faster clock speed processor. And if we looked back at the history intel vs amd intel has been dominating in speed in higher end CPU Processors. But in mid or entry level processors Both Amd and intel are kind of the same. So if you want a higher clock speed processor which operates best at boosted clock speed. You should try the intel’s high-end processors.


What is it?

Cores are basically CPUs under a CPU i.e. a CPU has multiple central processing units which help the processor to multitask easily. And Threads are a set of programmed instructions that allow a single core to appear to be split into two cores (one physical core & virtual core). So for each core, you have two threads. 

As we can see below in the comparison chart Amd has more cores than intel but that doesn’t make Amd Ryzen a clean hero. Yes, physical cores are better and Amd Ryzen processors are stronger at multi-tasking but in speed, the intel processors are the finest.


So Basically, Processor overclocking is the process of boost your CPU’s performance (clock speed) by some tweaking. And Amd clearly wins in this segment as all the amd Ryzen processors are unlocked & fit for overclocking. Whereas some intel processors with K series only are overclockable.

Price to performance ratio

We have done this ratio according to how much a Processor is adding value to the amount of price we are paying to them. Amd processors are giving the best value in their mid & entry-level processors because of their higher cores and threads whereas intel is giving the best value in their top-end processors. 

Amd vs Intel Processor comparison chart

Base ClockBoost ClockCache L3LithographyTDP
Ryzen 9
12/243.7GHz4.8GHz64MB7 nm105 Watts
Ryzen 7
8/163.8GHz4.7GHz32MB7 nm105 Watts
Ryzen 5
6/123.7GHz4.6GHz32MB7 nm65 Watts
Ryzen 3
4/83.8GHz4.3GHz16MB7 nm65 Watts
Intel i9
8/163.5GHz5.3GHz16MB14 nm125 Watts
Intel i7
8/163.6GHz5.0GHz16MB14nm125 Watts
Intel i5
6/123.9GHz4.9GHz12MB14 nm125 Watts
Intel i3
4/83.60GHz4.40GHz12MB10 nm65 Watts

In this Amd vs Intel processor comparison we have picked some of the best high end and entry-level processor and tested it some of the heavy applications and AAA title games.


Difference between intel vs amd processor

There are lots of differences in both processors like the Intel processor comes with IGPU (except F series) where Amd’s are not. Amd processors are better at multitasking but Intel is not quite good at it.

Intel processors are very good at high range.Amd processors are good and value for money at mainstream and entry-level.
You can’t do much overclocking due to heat (and not all processors are overclockable) Can handle overclocking easily (All Ryzen mainstream processors are overclockable with the right motherboard.)
Intel 7nm has not introduced yet.Most mainstream amd processor has the 7nm technology

So, is really Amd better than intel?

Lets, come to the direct point if you want a processor for doing photo editing, video rendering, YouTube streaming, and using 3D apps with multitasking in budget then the Amd Ryzen series are the best. Whereas Intel is more faster, power conservation, processing speed which is going to help you in your gaming to get that extra fps. 

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