10 reasons why you should buy a 50mm lens.


10 reasons why you should buy a 50mm lens.


10 reasons why you should buy a 50mm lens.

When you have a DSLR camera and a 50mm lens with it, the level of photography goes much higher, which can lead to incredible shots. You can take a lot of creative shots with that lens. But when a DSLR is purchased, we get a kit lens of 14–55mm which may not create creativity in our shots which a 50mm lens can do. This prime lens is popular among all types of photography fields, be it a street, wedding, or candid, and All photographers love to use this little beast. 


         Here is some point Why you should buy a 50 mm lens.
         While in other lenses can also take good photos, then why we need a 50mm lens? 

  • Shoot in the low light bokeh effect
  • Good focal length
  • Cheap price
  • Sharp
  • The lens is work on full-frame camera & crop sensor camera
  • It helps you for creativity photography & videography
  • Human eye view
  • Easy to carry & lightweight
  • Best use for beginner – candid photography & street photography


1.Shoot in the low light 

A 50mm lens considered as the best lens for low light photography. Compare to an 18-55mm kit lens which has an aperture of f3.5-f6.5 that generally not suitable for a low light shot. Whereas, in a 50mm lens, you get a maximum aperture of f/2 and larger. And Due to its lower f-stop (aperture) more light can come to the camera that helps to take pictures without using a flash. A 50mm 1.8 lens is 8 stop higher than a typical kit lens which has a maximum aperture of f/5.6 with zoom.


2. Bokeh Effect

The word Bokeh comes from the Japanese language, which translates as “blur”. Usually, a low aperture can create a beautiful bokeh effect. Thanks to the 50mm lens, we can achieve to f1.8 to 1.4 even in low light, which helps to create a better-blurred background.  


3. Good Focal Length 
What is Focal length?

The focal length is the distance between the point of coverage in the lens & the image sensor in the DSLR camera. And 50mm lens is the best for portrait photography and comes handy in outdoor and indoor photography.

Here is a suitable lens for good focal length –


4. Cheap price

A 50mm lens is comparatively very affordable than other lenses available in the market. 

You don’t have to invest so much of money into these lenses. Prime lenses considered as the best for low light photography. 50mm lenses are one of the highest-selling lenses because of their price and versatility. 

You can easily get a canon 50mm lens under 10k, or you can go for this yongnuo 50mm f1.8 lens.



Low or Wide aperture creates a shallow depth of field that helps to appear subject sharper, and depth comes in the background.

When we take photos in the aperture of f1.8t to 1.4, the pictures look sharper. A prime lens produces sharper images than a kit lens.

Canon 50mm lens & yongnuo 50 mm f1.8 lenses are the best prime lenses for sharp images.


6. The lens works on full-frame camera & crop sensor camera.

One of the best features of a 50mm lens that it works on both a full-frame camera and crop sensor camera. 

For example – Suppose you are a beginner and you have a 700d (crop sensor camera) with a 50mm lens with it. And shortly you wish to change your camera from 700d to 5d mark iv (full-frame camera) then you don’t have to change your lens cause 50mm lens will work with 5d mark iv as well. 

Isn’t it great?


7. Versatile

Imagine you have your hand on both sides of your eyes, and you are looking forward, that’s what a 50mm lens see because it’s like our eyes, the magnification is literally the same. 

Because of this, you can take different kinds of photos like street, portrait and even a landscape because the lens sees the subject in the same way you see that subject. 


8. It helps you for creativity photography & videography

50mm lens is ideal for bokeh effect, and that’s the main reason people are interested in using this lens in action, portrait and night time photography. It helps to show the creativity of a photographer.


9.Best use for the beginner (Candid and Street photography)

As a beginner, if you are into street and candid photography, then your first lens should be the 50mm lens because it helps to achieve very sharp and real colour. And because of its size, you can take it to anywhere 


10. Human Eye View

A human eye’s focal length lies between 35mm to 50mm. If we see to our definition a standard lens is that focal length is equivalent to the diameter of the image circle it projects. in 35 mm camera that’s the diagonal measurement of the frame -43.3mm and by long-standing that’s around 50 mm.

So roughly we can say that our 50 mm lens can see what a normal eye sees and it can produce the exact image that we thought in our mind.


Company doesn’t make bad lenses it depends on the user how they use them, Every lens has it’s own uniqueness and ability. The more you use you will gain experience. In 50 mm you can get a better bokeh effect than any kit lens.

Some useful tips- while using a lens always be care full and protect it from catching dust & fungus. Avoid touching on the lens glass and always keep the lens glass clean. And always use protect filter & protect bag.

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