Dji Osmo Action 3! the best budget action camera?

The Dji Osmo Action 3 provides the greatest deal for most travellers regarding both price and quality. The camera is capable of withstanding a lot. especially changes in temperature along with bumps and bruising, and stabilized 4K pictures look great. While it isn’t cheap, the recommended retail price is significantly less than that of a similar GoPro and won’t compel you to renew your membership after a year

DJI Osmo action 3

DJI osmo action 3 single product
  • Brand : DJI
  • Connectivity Technology : FireWire
  • Flash Memory Type : SDXC
  • Colour : BLACK
  • Special Feature : Waterproof
  • Screen Size : 2.25 Inches


  • Dual touchscreen control
  • Effective tool enabling vertical or horizontal vlogging
  • No unknowns for modules. (in opposition to Action 2) As standard, extreme batteries are offered. Cheaper than GoPro There is no requirement to pay for a subscription.


  • 12-megapixel photos and up to 4K video resolution; 
  • no cloud backup period; 
  • a start-and-stop timer; vertical format usage necessitates frame 
  • Spoken voice control is erratic
DJI Osmo action sensor

With the Osmo Action, DJI, already dominating the skies, attacked GoPro in 2019.

The GoPro Hero7 Black was an established camera that was eclipsed by its features, which included a colour front screen and a price cut. Both companies have seen shifts in the times. 

 The Osmo Action 2, DJI’s follow-up, defined the field by trying to be two separate devices in one. The Action 2, an innovative gadget with a reversible monitor and a longer battery life, was made of magnetically removeable tiles. 

While the distinctive shape thrilled us (see our assessment of the DJI Action 2). it had some drawbacks, not the least of which was the need for housing for all underwater

photography, battery charging took time, and extra parts were costly. In the meantime, Insta360 is making waves in the video camera market and GoPro has announced the Hero 11 Black. The Osmo Action 3 may be the ruler of this generation of cameras, but the word “GoPro” may not be dominant.

Design and features:

Design and features of dji cosmo action 3

After closer examination, the dji Osmo Action 3 seems to have reverted to DJI’s standard 70 x 44 x 32mm (2.76 x 1.73 x 1.25 inch) single-unit design. While it could forfeit some of the scientific wow factor of its modular predecessor.

This allows for 210 minutes of operation on a single, replaceable battery. It also surpasses the GoPro Hero10 by 6 feet (20 feet) in water resistance without requiring extra housing, up to 16 meters (52 feet). 

The screen, which houses the 155˚ lens (12.7mm EFL), protects the camera. The rubber rim included with it and its elevated rim should shield the view against harm. 

A colour sensor hidden in the Action 3 badge’s “O” permits the casing to immediately alter the white balance of the camera’s sensor during a shot—for example, when you break the water’s surface. Additionally, there are three microphones: one on top of the casing, and two at either end of the word “action.” They function as active noise-cancelling devices.

 While it only weighs 5g less than the GoPro Hero 10. the unit weighs a substantial 145g, that’s typical for an action camera that will be obvious on a typical commuter cycle helmet. 

Similar to the recently introduced DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI has also considered vertical-format creatives. Since the angle it is being worked at automatically, the gyros of the camera record the correct one. (a lock is supplied), uses the vertical mount incorporated in the clip-in frame.

Review of DJI Osmo Action 3:

Review of DJI Osmo Action 3:

A magnetic block with side clips is used to attach the selfie stick to the camera. The camera may be raised and turned to a vertical position.

The “Quick-Release Adapter Mount” for the camera is a magnet and clip combo. The camera is pulled onto the mount and (we discovered) snaps into place with a little prodding. We didn’t feel inclined to try it in person. But DJI claims it can even resist a bike collision, and it certainly didn’t fall off in our several tests!

There are more useful features. You can also use the camera as a webcam through its USB port. It simply asks you when you want to transfer information or use it as an imaging device when you plug it in via USB. In addition to supporting YouTube, Facebook, and RTMS setup, the device additionally supports Wi-Fi live streaming at up to 1080P at 30 frames per minute.

DJI Osmo Action 3 Camera quality:

 The dji osmo Action 3 has a 155-degree field of view, 12-megapixel still shots, and 4K and 120 frames per second of video recording capabilities. But these specs pale compared to the 5.3K at 60FPS and 27-megapixel stills on GoPro’s Hero 11 Black. 

The Hero 11 Black’s new image sensor, supports 8:7 aspect ratio video recording, as well as allows users to crop any recorded content after the fact. This is one of the more obvious distinctions between the competing cameras. On the contrary, Action 3 calls for you to select 16:9 or 4:3 recording before you press the record button. 

DJI Osmo Action 3 video features:

The benefit of the more flexible sensor on the Hero 11 Black is that you are unable to choose between taking pictures for YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.

Dji osmo Action 3 fulfills its promise to deliver high-quality video. It is a simple camera to use for those who have nothing to do with social network optimization. DJI makes a point of emphasizing that you can record at sub-zero temperatures with the Action 3 since GoPro’s cameras have a propensity to overheat. when filming for extended periods. Per DJI, the authorized working temperature range is -4 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dji osmo Action 3 offers numerous shooting modes, including time-lapse, hyper-lapse, slow motion, picture, and video. You may adjust the settings and functions for each mode using the DJI Mimo app or the touchscreen interface. Numerous presents are accessible, such as ones for recording a time lapse of clouds, a crowd, or the sunset. In addition, you can create your own customized time lapse mode. 

You may record at up to 4K/120 frames per second and choose from three different modes for video stabilization. As it doesn’t completely smooth your video as you run or walk, Rocksteady 3.0 eliminates most bumps and rattles.

The most extreme stabilization setting, Horizon Steady, works at 2.7K/60. let’s you swivel the camera a full 360 degrees and still get a stationary shot that fools the spectator into thinking anything went incorrect.

Finally, Horizon Balancing is positioned by DJI as the compromise option for 4K/60 footage, providing realistic-looking video with moderate movement.

While GoPro’s Hyper Smooth 5.0 video stabilizing is stronger and more comprehensive than what I discovered in all three applications for someone like me who captured everyday activities during.

Review the DJI Osmo Action 3: battery life 

Battery life of action 3

Although it was quite warm to the touch, I was able to load all of a 64GB microSD card and battery without the Action 3 shutting down due to heat. The total time of the recording was approximately 160 minutes. Additionally, I put Action 3 in my freezer, which is set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and I had no issues with it filming for 30 minutes.



 The DJI Osmo Action 3 is more competent and simpler to use, yet it is a little sad to see the modular concept probably abandoned. The larger size and weight are the sole negotiation, but even in that sense, the GoPro still wins. (Aside from that, the Insta360 ONE RS needs three separate components to be waterproof and modular.)

We appreciate that the dji osmo Action 3 are not integrated with subscription software. When their quiz begins, ask for more of your hard-earned cash. GoPro will give you a year of cloud backup and auto upload; in this instance, it is valuable that there is not a ticking clock.

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