DJI pocket 2 user review, specifications & price in India

DJI just updated their pocket gimbal camera combination thingy, which we called Osmo pocket. It has the much-needed features and improvements. They dropped the name. Instead of calling this old small pocket 2, they call it DJI pocket 2. It may look very similar to pocket 1, but DJI Osmo pocket 2 much better than DJI Osmo pocket 1.

DJI Osmo pocket 2 Features

 DJI pocket 2 comes with a  nicely designed box inside the box, and we’re greeted with pocket 2 windscreen ultra-wide lens mini control stick lightning and USB-c adapters. USB splitter charging cable wrist strap some paper stickers and underneath that handle, a wireless microphone a mini tripod and bottom cap with a tripod mount. DJI pocket 2 comes in its protective cover that can also carry all of its accessories. The bottom part gets detached. You can attach to do it all handle. Then you can put the tiny tripod on, and this product is simply ready for action. A mini controller stick adds a tiny digital joystick on your pocket 2 and the wide-angle lens bumps. DJI Osmo pocket 2 field of view is from 93 degrees to 110 & it comes with the pocket 2 in its protective case paper stickers. Lightning USB c adapters with mini controller stick tripod,  mount wrist strap, and the charging cable the tripod mount snaps in there very firmly, and it’s a little too challenging to take it off with bare hands.

DJI pocket 2 sensor size

DJI pocket 2 sensor size

DJI Osmo pocket had one over 2.3 inch 12-megapixel CMOS sensor this one has one over 1.7 inches 16 to 64-megapixel Sony sensor with a quad bare filter.

  • 1\1.7 cmos 64 megapixel Sony IMX686
  •  Lens: FOV 93 degree  f/1.8  20mm
  •  4K 60fps 100mb/s
  •  1080p/240FPS Slomo (17% crop)
  •  2.7K HDR Video
  •  Battery Life: 2 hour 20 mint. 
  • Timelapse, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse 
  • Ai editor in Dji Mimo App

DJI Osmo Pocket 2 /f – stop

DJI Osmo Pocket 2 has 26 millimetres f /2.0 lens with 80 degrees of field of view, and some users said that was a little narrow for their taste well. This one has an f /1.8 20 millimetre lens that gives you 93 degrees of field of view, which is fantastic.

DJI Osmo pocket 2 sound feature

All the time, the entire video fantastic of DJI Osmo Pocket has two microphones one here & one underneath, And a lot of users were putting their fingers on the microphones, which caused a lot of muffled sound. This pocket 2 has four microphones, which gives this camera DJI matrix stereo sound directional audio front or back and audio zoom.  

DJI Osmo pocket 2 video features

DJI Osmo pocket 2 can record 4k – 60 frames per second up to 100 megabits per second video. But when it comes to slow-motion, DJI Osmo pocket 2 can shoot 1080p – 240 frames per second slow motion with only 17 percent crop previously, and it was 49 %. And pocket 2 can also shoot HDR videos.

DJI pocket 2 other features &  battery life

DJI Osmo pocket 2 comes with this beautiful tiny joystick that helps you a lot when you want to direct your camera. DJI Osmo pocket 2 battery life is improved. So, pocket 1 had 140-minute battery life & this one has 2 hours and 20 minutes of battery life. DJI Osmo pocket 2 battery life is basically the same, so there is no battery life improvement. If DJI Osmo pocket 2 gives a little more battery life, then it would be fantastic.

DJI Osmo pocket 2 Handle features

DJI Osmo pocket 2 Handle features

DJI Osmo pocket 2  do it all handle just gets attached to pocket 2, and it gives pocket 2 the wireless connection. A tiny speaker that allows you to listen back to your videos, and then it has a headphone/ microphone input, and the quarter-inch tripod mount is actually very useful. DJI Osmo pocket 2 feels better in the user’s hands, and it doesn’t stick out like the previous wireless module and stuff like that.

DJI Osmo pocket 2 focusing feature

 First of all, DJI Osmo pocket 2 still doesn’t have manual focus; we have continuous auto focus, and we have single auto focus. But we need a manual focus control whenever we want to focus on the closest distance,  just set it to infinity. 

DJI Osmo Pocket white balance feature

DJI Osmo Pocket white balance feature

When it comes to white balance, we only have all the custom white balance is kelvin (K) in pocket 2., but in the older, we have white balance, we don’t have the presets like sunny weather, cloudy weather & tungsten in DJI Osmo pocket 2. The interesting thing is we have those on pocket 1, and still in some resolutions and frame rates, some features get turned off, so if you want a high-quality video with tracking, you must pick pocket 1 or the other.  

DJI Osmo pocket 2 release date in India

 DJI Osmo Pocket 2 was released on November first. But actually, Dji has not to tell anything about DJI Osmo pocket 2 estimate value in India. In US States, DJI pocket 2 price is $349. Calculating in Indian currency Rs. 25,747. You can also buy the DJI Pocket 2 with the Mini Control Stick and Tripod Mount. DJI Pocket 2 design Combo priced at $499 again the Mini Control Stick, Tripod Mount, Wide Angle Lens, Wireless Microphone + Windscreen, All Handle, and a Micro Tripod.

DJI Osmo pocket 2 conclusion

DJI Osmo pocket 2 conclusion

DJI Osmo Pocket 2 has 4k – 24fps. You can have a high-quality video with tracking, which works great, but you have to sacrifice one or the other for anything above. As a user, I feel like the active tracking needs a little improvement, but other than that, you can find DJI’s genius on everything else. DJI Osmo pocket 2 launches and shuts down a lot faster than its predecessor, but at the same time, when it turns off, the lens hides into its 3-axis gimbal; however, if you have a lens attached, pocket2  understands this and turns off accordingly. You can literally attach every accessory that comes in the combo kit to pocket two’s cover, and when it comes to low light performance, pretty impressive. As a user, I didn’t get the chance to test out the HDR  video. A smart gimbal that fits into your pocket also memo app has AI editor when you want to edit your footage.

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